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A Law Firm Taking On Negligent Parties In Truck Accidents

A collision with a big rig can lead to catastrophic injuries. Smaller cars and motorcycles really stand little chance against a truck that weighs several tons. If you have been the victim of a truck accident, you can expect a lengthy recovery. That is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney who can take care of every legal detail in your case.

Arbore Velez, LLC, in Netcong, New Jersey, has helped hundreds of clients and their families secure fair and just compensation for the damage, pain and suffering, medical costs, and lost wages caused by a trucking accident involving a reckless driver, negligent truck driving company or faulty parts manufacturer.

Many Reasons Why Truck Accidents Occur

New Jersey roads and highways are filled with bustling traffic, including numerous 18-wheelers and big rigs. And some of those trucks and the people driving them cause road accidents. Among the reasons for such accidents include:

  • A fatigued or drowsy driver who has worked long hours
  • An impaired driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine or cocaine
  • A distracted or speeding driver
  • Truck driving companies that poorly train employees or break the rules by allowing employers to drive more than their allotted time
  • A manufacturer that provides defective parts for the vehicle
  • A contractor that provides poor maintenance of the trucks
  • A company that improperly loads the trucks, causing weight to shift

Our attorneys are effective and aggressive. We will hold truck drivers and truck driving companies accountable, and willingly battle insurance companies that do not want to cooperate.

Call An Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm Now

It may take months or years to recover from injuries due to a truck driving accident. That’s why you need an experienced personal injury attorney who will advocate for you. Arbore Velez, LLC, in Netcong, New Jersey, has the experience and assertiveness to help you secure the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys provide a free initial consultation. Reach out to us online or call 973-584-1501.