ur DWI and Municipal Court Defense Services

Anthony M. Arbore and John Paul Velez

People who have been arrested for driving under the influence contact the legal team at Arbore Velez, LLC, because we have become well-known for successfully resolving even the most serious cases. In fact, many firms refer their clients to us, because they are aware of our successful track record and want to ensure these people have the best chance possible to minimize any consequences, if there is a conviction.

Whether you face first-offense DWI charges or are defending against a second, third or subsequent charge, we can help.

An Arrest Is Not A Conviction

We will not assume your charges are warranted and immediately seek a deal. Although this approach is the fastest and easiest way for an attorney to resolve a case, we understand these charges can be life-changing for our client. Oftentimes, a conviction can lead to mandatory jail sentences, significant fines and lengthy driver’s license suspensions.

Our lawyers are zealous in the defense of New Jersey DWI and other cases handled in municipal court. We understand what is at stake and the serious consequences that a conviction can bring.

Upon retaining our services, we will investigate the facts and circumstances of your arrest, review the police reports and field sobriety and blood alcohol tests. When appropriate, we work with experts to identify any inconsistencies or contradictions in the evidence against you.

Contact Us For Strong DUI/DWI Defense

Have you been accused of driving while intoxicated? We can help. To discuss the specifics of your situation, contact us online or by telephone at 973-584-1501   to arrange a private meeting with our Morris County DUI/DWI defense attorneys. We can provide you with the information you need to make important decisions that may have a significant impact on your future.