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If you face criminal charges in New Jersey, there is a lot at stake. Even minor offenses carry harsh penalties and can hamper your ability to find work in the future. Serious felonies can result in decades-long prison sentences.

When the stakes are high, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. For more than 30 years, Arbore Velez, LLC , has been resolving cases involving serious, as well as minor, criminal charges for people throughout New Jersey. We are the local law firm with a statewide reputation for strong criminal defense representation.

Fighting Criminal Charges In New Jersey

Our experienced legal team has resolved a number of serious, high-profile criminal cases and some of those decisions have helped to define the state laws.

Our defense lawyers have handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging from minor criminal mischief allegations to defending people charged in complex murder cases. We handle all aspects of criminal motion practice, from pre-indictment through jury trial and post-disposition filings and arguments.

The scope of our criminal defense practice includes:

  • Drug-related offenses: Including possession, distribution, trafficking and cultivation/manufacturing of all types of illegal drugs and prescription drugs.
  • Violent and felonious crimes: Including assault, domestic violence, robbery, manslaughter and murder.
  • Sex-related crimes: Including sexual assault (rape), sexual contact, statutory rape, prostitution, solicitation, child sex crimes and endangerment.
  • Theft and shoplifting offenses: Including auto theft, burglary, credit card and identity theft.
  • Cases involving minors: Defending the rights and protecting the futures of juveniles accused of criminal activity in New Jersey.
  • Pursuing expungements: Clearing criminal records, making it possible for our clients to pass criminal background checks for employment, education, obtaining firearm permits and other purposes.

Our attorneys have a keen insight, solid experience and a thorough knowledge of the tactics the opposing counsel uses. Our attorneys use an array of experienced private investigators and forensic experts when necessary to ensure that a proper defense is prepared. Our legal team builds solid legal strategies that successfully achieve the best possible outcomes for our client’s case, including dismissal or having the charges lowered to be resolved in municipal court.

Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI)

In New Jersey, the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program is available to first-time offenders of certain crimes. If you are accepted into the PTI program and complete its requirements, your case will be dismissed. The arrest will remain on your record, but six months after completing the program, you may petition for an expungement.

To be accepted in PTI, you cannot have been convicted of a crime before or participated in a diversionary program. The PTI program lasts a minimum of one year, during which you must comply with all of the requirements, which include staying out of criminal trouble, passing drug and alcohol tests and performing community service.

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To discuss your criminal charges with our Morris County criminal defense lawyers, contact us today online or by telephone at 973-584-1501. You will not be judged, regardless of your circumstances, and you will leave our law office with the information you need to make important decisions that may affect your future.