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Injured Pedestrians Can Count On Us As A Legal Advocate

In a perfect world, pedestrians would not have to worry about safety. But they do, especially in this age of distracted driving. Walking on the sidewalk and crossing a street via the crosswalk never seemed as dangerous as it does now. When a two-ton car strikes an unsuspecting pedestrian, there is little mystery as to what will happen: debilitating injuries.

It is time to contact an experienced, understanding and aggressive personal injury attorney. Arbore Velez, LLC, in Netcong, New Jersey, has the know-how and litigation skills to take on the negligent parties who caused the pedestrian accident that left you with exorbitant medical bills, the inability to work and extreme pain. We get the job done for our clients.

Trial-Tested Attorneys Who Seek The Necessary Compensation

Pedestrians often don’t realize it, but they are vulnerable. They are more susceptible to serious injuries such as brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, fractures and loss of limbs. Unlike vehicle drivers and passengers, pedestrians are unprotected by devices such as air bags, seat belts, windshields and vehicle frames. Such serious injuries can lead to lifelong care along with necessary home renovations to accommodate your new reality. In representing many clients throughout New Jersey, our trial-tested attorneys do their best to secure the compensation that you are entitled to receive.

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While it remains crucial to be aware of your surroundings and stay alert, pedestrians still face hazards when motorists do not oblige by common sense or basic safety rules, sometimes striking them while in the crosswalk. If you have sustained serious injuries from a negligent driver, you can count on the legal skills of Arbore Velez, LLC, in Netcong, New Jersey. We are one of the region’s top personal injury law firms. Our attorneys provide free initial consultations, so please contact us online or call 973-584-1501.