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An Injured Motorcyclist Needs The Help Of A Skilled Attorney

Motorcyclists must be careful on the road. Most of them are. However, motorcyclists share New Jersey roadways with thousands of other motorists who may not follow the same safety procedures they do. A collision between a motorcycle and truck or car usually often leads to disaster and serious injuries to the motorcyclist. If hurt while driving motorcycle, you need to contact a skilled personal injury attorney.

Arbore Velez, LLC, in Netcong, has represented hundreds of clients throughout the state. An accident can lead to a lengthy hospital stay, endless rehabilitation, the inability to work, and pain and suffering. Our skilled attorneys will take on negligent parties in court and draw a line in the sand with insurance companies that don’t cooperate.

Motorcyclists Face Numerous Injuries

So many types of injuries can occur due to motorcycle spills and accidents. Our law firm has advocated for clients who have sustain injuries that include:

  • Severe head trauma and traumatic brain injury, leading to extensive hospital stays and long recoveries
  • Spinal cord injuries that can lead to paralysis and lifetime on a wheelchair.
  • Severe bone fractures to the arms, legs, torso and head
  • The loss of arms and legs leading to the use of prosthetic limbs
  • Cuts, abrasions and road rash that require significant medical attention

You must not face this alone. An effective personal injury attorney will take care of all legal matters and investigations in your case while you recover. We focus on resolutions, and we get them.

Experienced And Compassionate, So Call Us

Injuries from a motorcycle accident can change your life forever. While you recover, you need an effective legal ally and trial-tested personal injury attorney. Arbore Velez, LLC, in Netcong, New Jersey, fits that description. We are experienced, compassionate, empathetic and willing to fight for you. For a free initial consultation, contact our team online or call 973-584-1501.