Staying alert for crossing deer
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Staying alert for crossing deer

Oct 28, 2021 | Uncategorized

During autumn, motor vehicle accidents resulting from deer encounters are on the rise. New Jersey public roads are commonly paved through wooded areas, so failing to take precautions during deer season increases your chances of an accident. Your insurance may cover you for animal collisions, but you should know how to handle such an accident.

Built-in animal detection

Automatic braking is a feature that car manufacturers are still improving. With the help of peripheral sensors, car safety systems can now detect outside hazards. Not only do you get audible warnings, but your vehicle slowly applies pressure to the brake during an emergency. Overall, front-end motor collisions have been reduced by 50% with this technology.

High beams between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Contrary to what many might say, using high beams in deer season reduces motor vehicle accidents. Your objective is to spot an active deer before you reach their point of crossing. High beams have the ability to bring out the eyes of a deer as well. This makes them easier to spot when they’re hidden in a dark brush. Make sure to use your horn at the sign of movement.

Avoid swerving when braking

The most severe accidents are often cases where drivers leave the road they were on; when cars steer off the road, they can run into deadly obstacles. You can collide with trees, boulders, and buildings if you swerve. Instead, remain in a straight line while braking and look for other cars. Only proceed after the deer leaves.

Keep your eye out for more

Roughly a million deer get hit by cars each year, so if you encounter one, slow down and take your time. In most cases, deer travel in groups, so make sure no others are around in order to avoid an accident.